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Summer Sale in our SPECIALS SECTION Ends Friday July 31st, 2015

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* Ground UPS within the Continental USA Only! Not valid on previous orders. Minimum Paderno order is $35.00   ** Free Shipping is not valid on Sale, Large, Heavy or Fragile Items. Be sure to read all Item Descriptions.

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Sitram Catering of France

The Sitram Catering line of cookware from France with its Stainless Steel - Copper - Stainless Steel sandwich on the bottom of the pan, gives the chef all the advantages of copper cookware without the cost or cleaning concerns. The Heat Sink handles on Saucepans, Frypans & Saute Pans, keeps the heat from traveling the handle when used on the stovetop. These pans are oven and dishwasher safe.

These pans are meant for the professional chef or restaurant but are available to the home chef as well. All of the pans are sold without covers, but these can be ordered as well.

All Sitram Products are Special Order items and can take 1-2 weeks for delivery. Any returns will incur a 20% re-stocking fee.

As of 7/24/15 we have been notified that our Sitram USA distributor will no longer be importing the Catering Series lids. There are some remaining quantities available, but since these are ordered on an as needed basis by placing an order for any of these lids may not guarantee you receipt of that lid. We have added the Profisserie Lids to the Catering Section to assist in this situation.

For better descriptions of each item, be sure to click on the item. These long descriptions may contain dimensions, capacities, quality of the item Shipping Restrictions or a description not found in the Thumbnail description. 
Item #: CPRO-Z-14
Your Price: $12.95

Item #: CPRO-Z-16
Your Price: $13.95

Item #: CPRO-Z-18
Your Price: $14.95

Item #: CPRO-Z-20
Your Price: $15.95

Item #: CPRO-Z-24
Your Price: $16.95

Item #: CPRO-Z-28
Your Price: $28.95

Item #: CPRO-Z-30
Your Price: $36.95

Item #: CPRO-Z-34
Your Price: $39.95

Item #: CPRO-Z-40
Your Price: $48.95

Item #: CPSL-B-24
Your Price: $138.95

Item #: CPSL-B-28
Your Price: $165.95

Item #: CPSL-B-30
Your Price: $232.95

Item #: CPSL-B-34
Your Price: $307.95

Item #: CPSL-B-40
Your Price: $344.95

Item #: CPSL-C-14
Your Price: $53.95

Item #: CPSL-C-16
Your Price: $62.95

Item #: CPSL-C-18
Your Price: $72.95

Item #: CPSL-C-20
Your Price: $82.95

Item #: CPSL-C-24
Your Price: $110.95

Item #: CPSL-C-28
Your Price: $137.95

Item #: CPSL-F-20
Your Price: $77.95

Item #: CPSL-F-24
Your Price: $100.95

Item #: CPSL-F-28
Your Price: $129.95

Item #: CPSL-F-34
Your Price: $227.50

Item #: CPSL-R-30
Your Price: $228.95

Item #: CPSL-R-34
Your Price: $269.95

Item #: CPSL-R-40
Your Price: $298.95

Item #: CPSL-S-24
Your Price: $104.95

Item #: CPSL-S-28
Your Price: $125.95

Item #: CPSL-T-28
Your Price: $230.95

Item #: CPSL-T-30
Your Price: $311.95

Item #: CPSL-T-34
Your Price: $357.95

Item #: CPSL-T-40
Your Price: $439.95

Item #: CPSL-Z-16
Your Price: $25.95

Item #: CPSL-Z-20
Your Price: $28.50

Item #: CPSL-Z-24
Your Price: $32.50

Item #: CPSL-Z-28
Your Price: $45.50

Item #: CPSL-Z-34
Your Price: $54.95

Item #: CPSL-Z-40
Your Price: $59.95

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